Stephanie, Pat, Dave and Chuck
Free 'N' Easy
1975 - Top 40 Band
Stephanie Wood started singing in 1973 with Pat Locke at Nendell's Inn on Canyon Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.  The were
a popular duo "Pat & Stephanie" who entertained at  numerous dinner houses and upscale lounges (hotels, etc.), with their
two guitars and great harmonies. In 1974 they added a keyboard player, Chuck Anderson.  Their group was called "Trilogy"
(they were big Tolkein fans).  In 1975 they added a drummer from L. A., Dave Herring, and went on the road as "Free 'N" Easy".  
They played at the Holiday Inn in Ellensburg, Washington then traveled to Fresno and San Jose, California.  They had a long
playing gig at the Sheraton Hotel in Portland, Oregon.
In the fall of 1975, Stephanie began performing as a solo artist at a number of Portland dinner houses
and clubs.  She met Steven Kirkland, a keyboard player from L. A. and they moved to Huntington
Beach, California, where they formed the group "Destiny's Child".  In the spring of 1976, they returned
to Oregon and the band, "Kirkland & Company" was formed and played at many Portland and
surrounding area clubs, as well as frequent performances at the Surfpoint Inn, in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  
Just as their popularity was on the rise, along with other Oregon bands like Quarterflash, Stephanie
had a family crisis that required her to quit the band.  After awhile, she began playing as a solo artist at
dinner houses and hotel lounges, along with popular local artists like Jeannie Walker, Jan Stiver &
Rick Grumbecker, Tim Burr, and others.  She provided high quality entertainment with her variety of
popular, folk, country, humorous, jazz, and original music.  She continued as a single artist, with
occasional duo performances with Dave Hooning (Night Owl) and Christopher Cozad (Chris &
Stephanie), as her favorite music has always been two gutiars and two voices - close, sweet, harmony
and complimentary rhythm and lead guitars.  
Kirkland & Company
Steve Kirkland, Stephanie Wood,
Mark Simon, Dave Hooning
Kirkland & Company at the Pepper Tree in
Salem, Oregon. ....on August 16, 1977...the
day that Elvis died.  They heard about it on
the way to the gig, and everybody cried.  
There were 'cathedral lights' streaming from
the heavens through what looked like a
face...with two holes for eyes, nose, and one
for mouth.  It was very "the king"
was looking down on all his fans.  So, they
sang "American Trilogy" and "All Shook Up"
in his honor and his memory.
Kirkland & Company at Surfpoint Inn
Depoe Bay, Oregon 1977
Dave Hooning & Stephanie Wood
Night Owl  -  1978
Pat Locke          Stephanie Wood     Chuck Anderson
Steve Kirkland & Stephanie at
Cape Perpetua on
the Oregon Coast    
Stephanie Wood booked in the Portland
area through Tom Stinnette Agency
Stephanie Wood and
Steven Kirkland                
Huntington Beach, CA.
Dave Hooning became a band musician for
the Holland America line, where he is still
traveling the world and entertaining the
cruise guests.  He took a year off in 1995 to
travel with the U.S. road company of "The
Kiss of the Spider Woman."  He is an
accomplished arranger, as well as vocalist,
guitarist, bassist, pianist, and songwriter.   
Visit his site:
Pat Locke continued to entertain in Portland and
throughout the states of Oregon and Washington.  
He now performs with The Straw Hat String Band,
based in Olympia, Washington.
Pat Locke ---->
Christopher and Stephanie played at Depo Bay,
Oregon at The Sea Hag; in Beaverton, Oregon at The
Rusty Mill; and in Portland, Oregon at the Travel Lodge
by Lloyd Center.  The songs here are from a tape of
live performance at the Travel Lodge on Stephanie's
Birthday, August 11, 1980.   Here is Chris' website:
My Best Friend on YouTube
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Little Sister