The Grace Prayer ("I Am Yours")
The Grace Prayer ("I Am Yours")

For Thee, God, I thirst.
My soul hungers for your love.
Into Thy hands I commend my spirit -
My soul, my body....all of my life.
Thy Will is my will.
Heal me deeply.
Reveal to me that which needs to be revealed.
Heal in me that which needs to be healed.
So I can glorify Thee, my God.

It is finished.
I am Yours.
"Soaring Spirit"
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The Grace Prayer is based on the last words that
Jesus said before leaving Earth.  
When prayed continually for 30 days, the prayer
causes changes at a cellular level.  
After repeated meditation and prayer, one will
experience an abundance of grace.  
Old emotional wounds and will be cleansed and
healing will begin.
In time, the positive energy of the Grace of God will
fill your being and you will experience dramatic
changes in the quality of your life.
Soaring Spirit  by Soriana

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