Center for Southern Folklore
Music Heritage Festival - 2003
It rained on Saturday, so
not as many people came
out.  No performers, for
several hours, due to rain.
Legendary Performer -
Carla Thomas
Herman Green &                      Sonny Burgess &
Freeworld                                 The Pacers
Pretty Boy & Soriana
Luther Hampton & Soriana
Luther is a recipient of the
Governor's Award for his
lifelong contributions to art
in Tennessee (sculpture).
Terry Saffold, Super Drummer
Soriana & Atoosie, a local artist who specializes in
portraits and caricatures - a regular on Beale Street.
While the rain came down on Saturday afternoon, August 30, 2003, the performers had to sit it out on several stages.  But Soriana walked the
covered area near the Trolley tracks and entertained until the skies cleared and the rain subsided.  Acoustic music is durable and always available.  
Soriana met many talented musicians, artists, and patrons including those shown on this page.  One artist (not pictured) who made a lasting
impression was Johnny Bellar, who was performing with Roy Harper, but also promoting his own music.  Below are some pictures from the second
day of the festival, Sunday, August 31, 2003.  
Cornelius Carter - Amazing Artist -
and friend of Soriana.

Check out his website:
Special Thanks to Jeffrey Berk
Treasured Friend
Amateur Photographer
who followed me around the
festival and took all these