Richelle & Little Grey
My first bird was Charlie (turquoise and
yellow).  After about a year, I got him  a
girlfriend, Naughty Dottie.  After awhile, I
found Rainbow, a male who is green, blue,
yellow.  He seemed to take to Naughty Dottie,
so I got another female, Little Grey, for

Click on the link below to see Charlie play
"The Game."
Naughty Dottie's & Rainbow's first two
babies.  I kept the yellow one.  
Dottie's blue baby 1, Yellow baby 2, and
Charlie - flying free at  home.
Baby Finches (above).

White male & new lady
finch (right).
Little Grey and Charlie's baby at left.

Little Grey & babies in the nest .
Naughty Dottie's & Rainbow's first babies (above & right).
Little Grey (above) and Charlie)
Little Grey & Charlie's littlest baby (3/2005)
Little Grey's and Charlie's babies (batch #2).
These four pictures are all Little Grey's and Charlie's babies - batch #2.
As a hobby, I raise parakeets and zebra finches.  I have always had animals as an integral part of my life.  In the 1980's, my family
lived on a small farm in Noti, Oregon (11 miles outside of Eugene, Oregon).  We had 3 horses, 8 English Setters, 2 Shelties, 20
chickens, 1 rooster, 8 goats, 2 cats, 1 Yellow Cheeked Amazon Parrot, 2 Cockatiels, and 2 parakeets, and one miniature French
Poodle.  I have also raised several litters of Great Danes.  I especially loved raising the Nubian and Alpine goats.  But most of all,
one of my life long dreams was to own a silver grey Arabian horse.  I realized that dream.  I bought Echo when he was a
2-year-old.  I ground broke him, and put him under saddle.  We had many happy days on the farm with all the critters, and my
beautiful daughter, Allyson.  Now I just raise the birds.  
This page was created March 2005
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The Songbirds' Birds
"If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why can't I?"
Welcome to Birdland!
Charlie & LIttle Grey's 2nd batch of
babies.   All were blue & blue & white.  
Mom & Daddy Finch
Little Grey and her 2nd
nest full of babies. (4)
The very first baby bird...of
Naughty Dottie and Rainbow